ALTO - Korea

ALTO pursues to develop high-tech and eco-friendly lighting solutions with concept of "Lighting for Health". Since emergence of LED technology, ALTO were able to develop luminaires to express various architectural concepts with lights



The expertise of RCL engineering team brings an innovative range of spotlights; designed to cater for all areas. The range includes a variety of recessed, track and monopoint mountable luminaires, with an array of lamp options to suit all architectural applications.



Luci - Japan

Luci plans and designs the exterior designs of its products in-house. Pursuing high usability through simple and minimum designs that provide both an attractive price and good function.

precision Lighting

Precision Lighting - UK

Precision recognises that lighting performance is key for any application, which is why luminaires are designed for superior beam quality, and with carefully selected LEDs, Precision offers exceptional colour rendering. In addition, Precision understands the need of flexibility when planning lighting scenarios, hence their fixtures feature interchangeable beam angles with a choice of distributions.


Plus Light Tech

Plus Light Tech - India

At Plus, our comprehension of lighting technology starts with exploring light in all its diverse forms. We then move forward with a keen sensibility that lighting is always in association with the environment it has to influence. It enables us to design lighting solutions that deliver value by adding beauty and functionality to illumination.

Switch Lighting

Switch Lighting - New Zealand

At Switch Lighting we have been working hard to develop the 'right light'
Energy efficient, environmentally friendly, contains no mercury, turns on instantly and provides bright warm lighting



Linealight - Italy

Imagine a team of research departments that study technical lighting solutions that are fully customised to meet your project requirements. Cutting edge know-how in LED technology that guarantees quality, sustainability, and efficiency in any situation. A group of companies that is organised into a flexible network of technologies and skills, capable of dealing with each step of the process to create products for all demands with 100% Italian quality. Together with Linea Light Group all your ideas come to light.


Modular - Belgium

Modularity is about creating one design that has multiple applications. Extending product families beyond what seems possible. Assisting, stimulating and inspiring interior designers and architects, with almost limitless options. Our fixtures and linear lighting strengthen the architecture of residential homes, hospitality venues, shops and offices.


Wever & Ducre

Wever & Ducre - Belgium

State-of-the-art LEDs that feel equally at home in a cosy attic apartment or in the hippest club in the city. Because they save space, preserve resources, and offer a greater quality of life.  And that is exactly what we at Wever & Ducré want. Where do we get our inspiration? From people like you who share our passion for beautiful things and who attach just as much importance to appealing design as to high-quality construction.


LightGraphix - UK

LightGraphix design and manufacture lighting for architectural, marine and display use. The light emission is either focused with a collimating lens to provide precise high efficiency beam control, spread using a specially designed reflector or diffused to provide indication or decorative effects.

Ecosense logo.jpg


Ecosense - U.S.

EcoSense Lighting is a team of LED lighting pioneers with over 100 years of experience and a genuine passion for delivering advanced solid-state lighting solutions. EcoSense delivers a broad line of high-quality, cutting-edge LED lighting solutions for architectural and commercial applications. EcoSense has a compelling technology portfolio including the new industry-leading breakthrough dimming technology.


HUNZA – New Zealand

When hold a HUNZA product on hands, The care, The precision and The pride HUNZA take in engineering outdoor lights that are truly the finest in the worlds.



LuxR - New Zealand

LuxR light fittings are ingeniously crafted to harness the advantages of LED technology, incorporating a host of unique innovations to minimise energy use, reduce maintenance requirements and simplify installation.


Acolyte - USA

Acolyte Industries create fully integrated LED lighting systems with the highest standards of quality control and customer service to help and assist clients with their lighting needs. The company make own materials including own proprietary phosphor, at Shenzhen, China factory allowing to provide LED lighting solutions for every application.



Lucibel - France

LUCIBEL is an innovative French group that designs and manufactures new-generation lighting products and solutions in France based on LED technology.


Tokistar - Japan

Tokistar Lighting was first introduced to the market in 1975. Tapelight, the company’s first lighting system, set the pace with a pinpoint lighting product engineered to last for years in commercial applications.
Today, demand is for energy efficiency. Tokistar Lighting has responded by incorporating LEDs into all of our product lines, making our systems more efficient and reliable than ever.



Viabizzuno - Italy

Viabizzuno is the name of the main road of the small village bizzuno located in the province of ravenna, where I was born on the 21 07 1955 at n°17, between the ‘casa del popolo’ and the local parish church. from here the name of the factory founded in nineteen ninety-four represented by a white space intersected by two lines. one vertical, well balanced, logical, clean: the light for the light. the other one dynamic, irreverent, ironic: the light for the form. separate and yet complementary they cast in the same name: Viabizzuno.

LED Linear

LED Linear - Germany

Founded in May 2006, LED Linear supplies high quality linear LED lighting solutions based on flexible printed circuit boards worldwide. The offer is a cost effective, unique modular LED tool kit for interior or exterior linear lighting solutions – from mood to general lighting – with an ingress protection of up to IP68. The international awards and reference projects, including exquisite lighting solutions for decorative or architectural applications, stand as proof of our high quality manufacturing philosophy. With The LED products you can economically realize general lighting tasks. Based on this philosophy and the depth of LED know ledge LEDlinear are constantly working on improving products for your lighting requirements. Throughout the following pages we invite you to familiarize yourself with the LED Linear™ world of Experience, Engagement, Innovation, Products, Trust, Excellence and Presence.

group MCL.jpg

Groupo MCI


Work closely with professional partners to provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting products, many of which can be custom designed to fit their specific applications.


Marset - Spain

Marset’s lamps are refined and contemporary. Through technical precision and creativity Marset aim to discover new functions and applications for their time-honored fixtures.



Bover - Spain

Bover is produced entirely in Barcelona, exercising full control over its production chain and as a result is able to ensure excellent quality and appropriate delivery terms to meet market needs



Lutron, the market leader in lighting control system, have products range from individual dimmers to total light management systems that control entire building complexes.


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